Channel 7 launched in January 1998. Broadcasting from Immage Studios in Immingham onto the NTL cable network, we reached out to 70,000 people across North and North East Lincolnshire. In January 2004 we went digital allowing us to double our viewer-ship. Recent surveys pointed to 63% of local people regularly watch Channel 7.

Our initial aim was to provide the area with its first local television channel. Now we have succeeded in doing so we aim to continue producing and scheduling programmes that directly or indirectly support, enhance, promote or deliver local concerns & initiatives. Concentrating on programmes that are designed to raise educational attainment, regenerate communities, develop the arts, reduce unemployment and develop the economy.

Technology is not standing still and neither is Channel Seven. On this site you will find video on demand clips so you can watch your favourite programmes at a time that suits you. Also if you are not cabled up a live stream of the channel is also available.

Channel 7 Relaunch

Channel 7 is relaunching after over ten years of broadcasting in Northern Lincolnshire. Channel 7 is the longest running local TV channel in the UK broadcasting to over 140,000 homes on Virgin Media channel 879.

The channel is adding to it’s services by launching an online version and has a brand new look and feel bringing it right upto date. The new on demand video rich site will allow users to upload their own videos, pictures and comments as well as providing a wealth of supporting information about the programmes. Seven is linked with a range of community partners and offers everyone in Northern Lincolnshire the opportunity to get involved.


Channel 7 has been working with the communities in Northern Lincolnshire for nearly 14 years now and we are the last local TV station now running in Britain.

For the first time ever, the Government has seen the potential for local television and are making plans to give local TV some coverage on a new Freeview channel. If this goes ahead, it will most likely happen within the next 18 months and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) are asking for responses from the general public and media industry about how
local TV can look.

We want our area to be part of this new initiative – the Government are currently looking to prioritise cities, but this could be great for our area. Your support and opinions are really valuable so Government knows that we are keen to be involved in our part of the country.
We would be grateful therefore if you would please fill in this short survey and we will forward it onto DCMS.

Please feel free to give Lia Nici a call if you would like to talk about this in more detail on 01469 515151. The deadline is very quick – this Friday 8th April, but hopefully that will mean you will take the 5 minutes to do the survey just after you finish reading this!